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Posted by Laura McMahon on Feb 14, 2019 1:14:18 PM

When on the go, most of us have a "go to" style of handbag we end up using time and time again, in spite of owning many more. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if that "go to" style is comfortable, versatile and fashion forward. The problem is most of us stop at comfortable and tend to ignore the other two!! We end up looking exactly the same every day, unintentionally sporting a "uniform" and loosing all sense of style.  

Here is where I'd like to introduce the Wayúu Mochila.

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Posted by Laura McMahon on Jan 9, 2019 7:20:29 PM

Being a migrant is something a huge slice of the world population share, even when the reasons for becoming one are not. It takes a huge desire or need for change to uproot yourself and move to another country, where your customs, the weather and language are different than yours, you look different than most anyone else and even the smallest tasks like pumping gas are not done the way you've learned. Not to mention, leaving family and friends behind... what's familiar to you.

Then why do it?

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Welcome SUSU Gal!!

Loving fashion and a good deal don’t have to be mutually exclusive from making ethical choices and supporting slow-fashion. A SUSU Gal knows that! She embraces trends and practicality while being socially conscious and Fair Trade. “The SUSU Gal” :

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