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Posted by Laura McMahon on Oct 12, 2018 10:30:15 PM

Being a mom of two awesome kids is one of my biggest accomplishments (they are alive and functioning after all!) and a constant push for self-improvement. It is incredible to see them grow and become partners in our family's decisions like where to go on vacation and what to do when we get there. 

Traveling with kids doesn't have to be a burden and decisions like what to eat and  where to visit can be fun to make as a family, specially when done sustainably!

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Welcome SUSU Gal!!

Loving fashion and a good deal don’t have to be mutually exclusive from making ethical choices and supporting slow-fashion. A SUSU Gal knows that! She embraces trends and practicality while being socially conscious and Fair Trade. “The SUSU Gal” :

  • gives you tips about sustainable fashion
  • follows “game changing” brands and how they work  
  • helps you make the right choice for the world and your wallet!  

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